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How Basketball Can Help Your Child Grow

We have written a lot about sports, but what every parent would like to know is which sport is good for their children. While there are many sports that could help your child grow and develop into an amazing athlete and a great person, one sport is perhaps better than many others and that is basketball! Let’s explore together all the ways in which basketball can be great for your youngster!

Building Team Spirit

If you are looking for a sport that will teach your child how to behave as a part of a group and how to work with others towards achieving a common goal, then you might give basketball a go.


Players in basketball needs to be incredibly synced in order to achieve success and each of them must learn how to play their part in a team, as well as how to share a ball. In addition to that, basketball has less players than football, so your child might get enough of action as well.

Running And Jumping

In football and soccer it is all about running and kicking the ball, whereas basketball demands the coordination of your hands and your feet, as well as the activity of your mind. If you want an activity where your child will be both running and jumping, basketball might just be the sport for your child.

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Basketball is also amazing if your child is naturally inclined to jumping, or really tall, but it can also be great for children who are not as tall, because with the movements in basketball, they might just stretch a bit more and increase their growth rate.

Learning To Win And Lose

In basketball, as with all team sports, you win some games and you lose others. However, when you are not playing professionally, all of those games can be great for teaching something other than playing basketball and that is how to cope with success and loss. Whenever your child’s team wins or loses, you should make time to talk to your child about it. Show support when they lose, but also celebrate when they win.

Help Your Child Make New Friends

basketball kidsTeam sports can be a great way for even an introverted child to make some friends and become more outgoing. If you can see that your child has just a few friends at school, then it might be the right time to enroll your child on to a team where they will be able to meet new kids and make new friends.

The Confidence That Comes With Achievements

Giving your child something of their own such as a sport and by giving them credit for their achievements, will make them feel more confident and more important. Also, your child will feel like they have accomplished something and this will give them confidence to accomplish other things in life as well. Making sure you use these achievements to let them see their true worth, might just help your child become a confident and assertive person.


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