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Which Sport Is The Best For People With Back Injuries

There are many sports out there to choose from, but not all people are physically apt to do all sports. If you would like to do a certain sport as a means for recreation, then you might want to do various things, but how much of that would your body allow – that is the question. It can be particularly difficult for people with back injuries or recovering from back injuries to find a sport which is suitable for them and their spine.


If you would like to learn more about the sports which even people with back injuries can do – then you are more than welcome to read the following post and please do tell us in the comments bellow some of your thoughts and experiences on the subject.

Swimming And Water Activities

Swimming and similar activities in the water such as aerobic in water can definitely help you with your back injuries. This is so because the water helps relax the muscles and does not put any strain on your joints and bones.

If you need to recover from a back injury, but are still keen to do sports – this might be the perfect compromise. Swimming and other activities in the water will definitely help you grow confidence in your body once again, and it will prevent the inevitable loss of muscles and strength. Activity in the water is not just incredibly relaxing, but it will also help you keep your strength until you recover enough to go back to the sport and activity of your choice.

Walking With The Help Of Walking Poles

Injuries on the spine can be more or less severe. However, passionate and dedicated runners for example might need to take a break from running. This may affect serious runners, but in order to still keep yourself active, you might consider going for walks rather than runs. Moreover, it is a really good idea to use walking poles, because they will help you reduce the weight you put on your knees and spine and evenly redistribute the weight on the poles.

Yoga And Stretching Techniques

Problems with back injuries can be lessened if you take up an activity such as yoga. This very gentle activity will do wonders for your spine and it will help you take some of the pain away.

Yoga And Stretching Techniques

Also, by stretching you are making your muscles more flexible and this can be a great way to help reduce some of the tension which frequently builds up in your back muscles following an injury.

Pilates And Stretching Techniques

Another great sport and activity is definitely Pilates. This activity will definitely help you reduce the stress on your spine and will help you with your back injury. If you would still like to build your muscles and keep yourself active, but cannot indulge in cardio exercises due to your injury, then turning to Pilates might just be the right thing for you.

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