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Which Sport Is For Me? Running Vs. Swimming

It goes without saying that doing sport is super-healthy for you, your health, your overall appearance, and oftentimes it will also make you feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin. However, since there are so many sports out there what can be demanding is picking out the sport for you. Find out more about two dominant individual sports and their benefits for your health here.


Certainly the most natural activity for people is running. In addition to that, this sporting activity is the basis for many other sports as well, such as soccer, football, basketball and many others. Running is a great activity no matter how old you are. It will help you keep your weight in check and it will help you feel better about yourself in every way.


There is something people explain as ‘runner’s high’ and that is the feeling that you get when running. This is natural and it happens as a result of the release of many hormones into your body when running. In addition to that, running will strengthen your core muscles, your heart, it will benefit your mind as you learn how to overcome obstacles, it will help you reduce stress in your life and it will make sure that your skin just glows. On the negative side, running will make some damage to your joints due to the impact of your body on the surface on which you are running, it can be physically demanding for people who are not in a great shape and it can be dangerous for people with heart conditions.

On the upside, if you are healthy and want to stay fit, this sport does not require any specialized equipment or preparations or knowledge. You just put on your running shoes and run.


Swimming is another great sport for people who like individual sport activities. If you are already a swimmer, you can indulge yourself and treat yourself with a session at the local swimming pool. It is always a much better idea to go for a swim in a poor or at the seaside, than a river. Rivers can be quite dangerous, and at the swimming pool you have lifeguards who will prevent you from drowning. Moreover, you should never swim across the swimming pool, especially if you are not entirely confident of your swimming abilities.


Make sure you take care of yourself before anything, because in the water you might have a leg cramp and it could be scary even if nothing more serious happens. This is why, with caution you should approach this activity, but apart that it should be very beneficial for your overall health and will leave you feeling energized and relaxed. Activities in water are great for people who have troubles and problems with bones or joints, because the water will not put any strain on your skeleton. In addition to that, you should also be aware that public pools might give you some usually harmless bacterial infections apart from all the chemicals which are used, so make sure you take care of your hygiene before and after going for a swim.

Swimming is great for people who would like to relax as well as for those who would like to vigorously exercise but cannot put any strain on their bones or joints. This is why swimming is recommended to all sportsmen when they are recovering from an injury and are recommended to rest in order for bones and joints to heal more quickly.

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