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Three top trampoline brands

Whether you place it indoors or in your backyard with a touch of nature around, well – settled trampoline is a handy exercising accessory you can use whenever you get some spare time to stay fit and have fun. However, considering the fact that purchasing trampoline requires investment, it should meet some quality standards. It should be steady, durable, made of quality material that will stand the test of time, as well as supports various weights of people using it and finally – it should provide fun and adventurous physical activity. Not every trampoline available at the market meets these criteria. Hence, we’ve created a brief rundown of top trampoline reviews to bring you all necessary information in the same article and help you narrow the choice down before opting for one particular brand.

A wide range of Skywalker Trampolines

Trampoline manufacturer dominating this market over 10 years is the Skywalker Trampoline company. They are rather reputable and their products are considered for high-quality products with a reason. Fun and safety are two main traits of their trampolines. This company creates trampolines with specific enclosure patent that makes these trampolines extremely safe and stable. With button-hole feature placed at every ring on the jump mat, base of the enclosure is hocked to the jump mate, plus each leg has T-joint integrated.

The mesh has tight knits, thus it isn’t suitable for climbing. All of this prevents gaps, twisting, disbalance, potential injuries while jumping and finally – the mesh prevents children from climbing and falling. All these additional mechanisms will provide stability to jump mate and to the whole construction, but won’t make the whole trampoline stiff and unpleasant to use. Along with all these positive aspects, Skywalker Trampoline company provides all sorts of shapes and sizes of trampolines, thus you will find the right model according to the preferences, space and budget limitations.

Good old Jumpsport trampolines

Jumpsport trampolines have the longest tradition in this business and the reputation of world’s safest, classic trampolines. They maybe do not offer as wide range of shapes and additional accessories as the previously described company does, but no brand beats the safety of Jumpsport products. After facing the injuries of their own kids caused by falling off their home trampoline, the owners of this company invested all their power and resources into creating enclosure mechanism that will work as the perfect injury prevention. Later, over the years of business expansion, this company developed high-quality jumping beds with shock – absorbing effect that doesn’t spoil the feeling and having fun.

Springfree Trampolines

This brand of offers a completely different solution. Unlike classic models, these trampolines use flexible bars instead of metal spring and the frame and flexible bars are located beneath the jumping surface. This eliminates those critical spots that could cause injuries and enable you to jump without risk of hitting into frame. Also, enclosing net is flexible and bends with the body, but it’s strong enough to prevent falling off. This model provides a lot of fun and excitement while jumping and certainly competes with the traditional trampoline brands.

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