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What to look out for in a ping- pong paddle?

People know that there are many benefits to playing ping- pong, first amongst them is the fact that it is an excellent game for cardio exercise. Everywhere all over the world, this sport is becoming more popular and there are a lot of professional and amateur players out there who can tell you and teach you all you need to know.

Maybe you are totally new to ping- pong and you never played it but you want to. You might be wondering what kind of racket to get and whether there are different types? Whatever the reason is you need detailed paddle information if you want to get more serious about playing. We are going to share with you all the information you need to know before you head out and buy one for yourself.

The Basics

The thing is it can never hurt you to know the basics about something you are doing, this is true about the sport as with any other thing. Some of you may know a lot about this topic, but we want to go over some universal features of paddles first.

Their size is not strictly regulated by rules and they can come in different sizes. However, over time an unwritten standard has appeared and most manufacturers make them six inches wide and ten inches long, that includes the handle. When you are looking for your purchase best take one that’s close to those dimensions, that way you will be equal to most of the players. This is important in the beginning.

The other important aspect of the paddle designed is in the rubber. This is the element that can most influence your striking power so get well acquainted with it over time. Again, there is no strict standard but it is usually between two to four millimeters thick.

The last element is the handle and you can find it in two versions: flared and straight. The first one is, as you can probably guess, designed to have wave-like features on it. This is as some argue so you can have a better grip. The second one is straight and has no features on it, this one is made so you can have a lighter grip. There is no direct influence between the two handles on the game abilities of the players, so both of them are used based on the user’s preference.

How to get started?

Now you know some basic things about ping- pong, you just have to go to a store, buy a paddle, find a friend and get in front of a table. There is no other way for you to truly find out what it takes to play this game and as you get better you can change your playing style adapt and become a true pro. All of that begins with you going to the store. So, don’t waste time and start surfing for your perfect solution. Remember you don’t have to invest a fortune in the equipment, you can start off with something simple and just see how you like the flow of the game.

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